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About Pretty Much Academy

About Pretty Much Academy

About Us

Pretty Much Academy Online is where a network of talented and ambitious makeup artist come together to learn, inspire and support each other. Our online academy features exclusive webinars, tutorials and business resources to push your artistry to the next level. Join us today!

Are you...

  • a recent beauty school graduate who feels lost in your career path?

  • a working beauty professional having trouble booking & retaining clients?

  • a beauty enthusiast seeking guidance help to create a beauty based business?

  • passionate about makeup artistry, but don't feel comfortable applying makeup on others?

  • looking to refresh or advance your makeup skills?

Our Values

At Pretty Much Academy (PMA), we work on establishing and maintaining the following three essential values for all students:

  1. Offering top-notch EDUCATION that equips our students with skills that help establish their place in the beauty industry.

  2. Providing a sense of EMPOWERMENT that comes when students are actively in pursuit of achieving goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.

  3. And lastly, encouraging EVOLUTION that assures students feel prepared to step outside of self-created comfort zones as they embark on journeys as recognizable beauty professionals.

Our Community

The key to a great beauty business? COMMUNITY. With PMA, you will build your circle to brainstorm ideas, make friends, and even get your business and beauty ideas off the ground. Find and connect with like-minded beauty pros. Take your business to new heights with members-only connections.

You'll find a plethora of resources for your group and gain insider insight. Here you'll find your online tribe, share ideas, participate in new challenges, team up on new ventures, and join real, expert beauty pros who can help YOU succeed.

Our Members

"I have had more clients in three months than I had all year last year. I'm more consistent, focused, confident, and supported. I attribute all of that to you, Jamaya, and the others in the group. Yet, I also know I already had this in me but it was dormant.

As a group, we have reached huge gains and are so supportive of one another. I love supporting each of you and I appreciate what you each bring to our community. I didn't know I needed this place until I had it. I used to hate makeup groups but I think I'm in love again and it's because of you all." -
Chimere Smith

"I am happy to have a true community to be apart of but this feels like home. Business wise this group has helped me to be intentional about my business. You know i've never prayed for my business until this year? like intentionally? Thank God i did because it this group has positioned me to be and do better." -Tamika Steele

"Since having my first coaching call with Jamaya, I have completely upgraded the way I do business. That one call cost me $100 but I have gained over $2,500 to grow my business.  I thought I was doing ok but she really challenged me to do more and take things to the next level." -Deidra Green

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